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Hand and Wrist Problems

Carpal Tunnel: Wrist pain, tingling and numbness in the fingers, hands go numb on the wheel of a car or using a mouse, wake up and shake your hands because they feel dead? You have carpal tunnel syndrome, a common problem that Dr. Haig cures, forever, using  a 10 minute procedure done under pure, local anesthesia. About as much discomfort having a blood test.  A careful and highly experienced hand surgeon, Dr. Haig has done, literally, thousands of carpal tunnel releases using this safe and accurate technique.  Don’t wait until compression of the nerve produces permanent damage. “Why didn’t I just have this done earlier” is what our patients always say.

Hand and Wrist Problems Scott HaigWrist Tendonitis:  While there are hundreds of reasons for wrist pain, by far most common is a tendonitis on the thumb-side of the wrist. Pain here with manual work, bottle-feeding a baby, holding a suitcase or using a computer is treated regularly in our practice. Dr. Haig usually cures this with an injection and splinting, bad cases respond beautifully to an eight minute, local anesthesia procedure to release the painful tendon from the friction of it’s tight canal.

Basal Joint Arthritis: Pain at the base of the thumb caused by a form of osteoarthritis is common. One of Dr. Haig’s specialties in hand surgery is Interpositional Arthroplasty –an advanced reconstructive procedure he has used to relieve hundreds of people from this painful and disabling condition.

Trigger Finger or Thumb. Pain along the finger when you move it, or snapping open or closed (triggering—you know it if you’ve had it!) is fixed with a shot of local anesthetic and  a minimally invasive release that takes five minutes.  Dr. Haig does trigger finger releases every week and he has for over 23 years.